Want to come at Grimaud ?

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You no longer have to choose between Provence and the Côte d’Azur !

Grimaud, in the Var region, standing guard, like a sentinel, on the Gulf of Saint Tropez, nestled between Sainte Maxime and Cogolin, offers a wonderful experience of village life, throughout the year. The permanent cultural entertainment on offer provides a good excuse to explore the unspoiled surrounding countryside, ideal for walking or other outdoor activities.

In France, since the 1930s, Grimaud has won a special place in the hearts of those who love the south coast and the Mediterranean. The holiday destinations on the Riviera and the sunny coastlines of Provence were therefore put in the spotlight thanks to tourism. Today, Grimaud’s popularity shows no sign of abating and the subtle blend of nature and culture, against a backdrop of sunshine, still provides the same amount of pleasure.

In the cheerful maze of the port, the sea, the boats and the houses become one. The arcade-lined streets of its Medieval village, are the perfect place for a contemplative stroll. You’ll be welcomed with a smile wherever you go. The people’s friendliness, their southern accents, and their concern for your well-being, will make you want to stay longer…

Ancient buildings, modern art, nature, culture, local produce, sport, relaxation, azure blue ocean waters, soothing green streams, the open sea, inviting coastlines, charming vineyards and mysterious shrubland. You can enjoy all this, and more, in Grimaud – all at the same time! Grimaud, a place of innumerable delights, and a unique, oasis of calm awaits you.

So, refuse to choose and indulge yourself…