Téléthon à Grimaud

250,000 volunteers and 5 million French people are mobilized, in France and abroad, every early December, for the Telethon!
And partying is an integral part of the movement. The 20,000 events organized are the basis of this unique event. And this year, Grimaud is participating!

Since 1987, the Telethon has provided the AFM-Telethon association with the means to continue its fight against disease.
#Too strong. This is the tone given to the Telethon 2020, echoing the strength of families who fight daily against the disease, that of the researchers who have transformed genes into drugs and that of the volunteers, donors and partners who, every year, brave the cold. to provide research with the means to gain new victories.

On Sunday December 6, 2020, the town of Grimaud, its Tourist Office, its traders, its associations and its inhabitants will be associated with the Telethon!

On the program for this event day:

From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (non-stop):
- Craft market (more than 20 exhibitors), organized by the Tourist Office of Grimaud
- Presence and demonstration of the use of Gulf Fire Brigade trucks
from Saint-Tropez
- Presence of collection vehicles of the Ecurie Automobile des Maures association
- Horse-drawn carriage and ponies ride in Grimaud, via the Ranch de la Mène (*)
- Tour in the Little Train in the village of Grimaud, by the Petits Trains du Golfe (*)
- Creative workshops for young and old, by the Grimaud Animations association (*)
- Making smoothies with Ginette the bicycle and Aldo the bicycle, by the association la Vie Autrement (*)
- Buvette / Crêpes / Mulled wine, by the Grimaud Animations association (*)
- Flowering of a monumental structure, by the Escandihado (*)
- Festive and musical atmosphere in the village.

But also :
- 10:00 am: Opening of the 2020 Telethon via Escandihado: stroll through the village, and show under the kiosk.
- 10:30 am: Departure for a long hike in the town of Grimaud, by the Grimaud Europe Randonnée association (*)
- 11:00 am: Great game of orientation and discovery of the village of Grimaud, to do with the family, by the Culture & Heritage department of the Town Hall of Grimaud
- 11:30 am: Square boules competition, by Patrick Fabre and the Authentique store in Gassin (*)
- 12h00: Lunch with music (concert under the kiosk) by the association Art en Ciel
- 2:00 p.m .: Pétanque tournament by the association of Boule grimaudoise (*)
- 2:30 p.m .: Concert by Jude Todd (The Voice) and Valentin Lefour (Nouvelle Star)
- 4:00 p.m .: Theatrical improvisation match by the actors of CRET

And many other surprises and activities to come!

Entry and participation free, unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk (*).
Free participation on site, for the benefit of the Telethon.
Place Neuve 83310 Grimaud
Opening period

Sunday 6 December 2020 between 10 am and 5 pm.


Free entry.

Languages spoken
  • French