St Mickael's Church

Grimaud is reputed for listing the first known church of the Gulf of St Tropez. That modest church dates from the 11th century but we are unable to determine where it stood or what it looked like.

The Provençal Romanesque church of St Michel that we see today dates from the end of the 12th century.
The building has undergone various modifications over the centuries, including the addition of the bell tower and the sacristy.

Originally, the church was encircled by the cemetery. Through lack of space, the cemetery was transferred to a site near the St Roch Windmill in the late 19th century.

Inside, an 1850 fresco depicts St Michel himself.

An organ was installed in 2015. For an evening during the Soirées Musicales de Grimaud (evening performances of classical music), the spotlight is placed on the organ, chiming out from the heart of this beautiful church.
Place de l'église 83310 Grimaud
Opening period

All year round, daily between 9 am and 7 pm.


Free access.