A seal of quality for owners and a guarantee of good hospitality for guests.

What is a Guest Room?

What is a Guest Room?

« Guest rooms are furnished rooms in residents’ homes that are rented out to tourists subject to payment, for one or more nights, with services provided alongside » – Article L324-3 of the French tourism code.

The concept of bed and breakfast rental activity is also defined by Article D324-13 of the same code as « combined provision of bed and breakfast ». This activity is limited to a maximum of 5 rooms, for a maximum capacity of 15 people. The accommodation must be insured per person.

« Each guest room must provide access to a bathroom and a toilet. It must comply with the existing hygiene, safety and sanitation regulations.

Rental accommodation must be provided with linen, as a minimum »- Article D324-14 of the French tourism code.

It is mandatory to declare every guest room at the town hall – Article L-324-4 of the French tourism code.

Chambre d'hôtes référence Label?

What is the « chambre d’hôtes référence » Label?

France does not have a rating system for guest rooms. That’s why the national tourist office has set up a quality guarantee label called « Chambre d’hôtes référence » (recommended guest rooms).

But make sure you don’t confuse this label with other well-known labels such as ‘Gîte de France’, ‘Clé Verte’, etc., which differ in that they establish a value scale for the services provided.

« Chambre d’hôtes Référence » is, first and foremost, a quality guarantee; there’s no website or marketing plan behind it. Nonetheless, the logo that shows your qualification will appear next to your accommodation on the Tourist Office’s marketing tools (website, brochures, etc.) and on the region’s promotional website, Visit Var.

Benefits of the label?

The benefits of acquiring a qualification for your Guest Room(s)

– Nation-wide recognition for the owner.

– Genuine promotion of your accommodation without having to go through a complicated labelling procedure.

– A guarantee of quality for guests, making it easier for them to choose by offering better information that’s been verified by a trustworthy organization.

– A step forward in qualifying tourist accommodation throughout the country.

The procedure

Types of Guest Rooms concerned

– Double room: one room (excluding bathroom and toilet), that accommodates up to 4 people.

– Family Room: Suite composed of 2 or 3 rooms with shared bathroom facilities, rented to a single family, that accommodates up to 5 people.

The qualification procedure

The Tourist Office provides you with the following documents:

– Presentation brochure.

– Guide for landlords.

– The file for requesting an inspection.

– The paperwork to bring to the Tourist Office can be found in the « Inspection request » guide:

– The inspection request, filled out, signed and dated.

– Description of the accommodation

– Statement of obligations (the organization’s copy), filled out, signed and dated.

– Copy of the receipt or of the declaration at the town hall.

Appointment & cost

Appointment & inspection

Once the Tourist Office receives your file, an appointment can be scheduled for your inspection visit. The technical officer will then visit your accommodation and check that it complies with the set of criteria on the inspection list. Once the inspection is over, the officer will send the file to the Regional Federation, who will then issue its decision after consideration by the qualification committee.


The inspection costs: €84.20 inc. tax for the first double room (€104.20 inc. tax for a family room) and then €16 per additional double room (€21 inc. tax per extra family room), up to a maximum of 5 rooms for a maximum capacity of 15 people: cf. Decree n°2007-1173 of August 3, 2007 – art. 1 JORF August 4, 2007.

This price includes:

– Receiving and processing your request..

– The qualification inspection.

– Travel expenses for inspections within the Grimaud municipality.

– Putting the file together and sending it to the qualification committee.

– The sticker for your accommodation.

– One certificate per room.

– Payment should preferably be made by cheque, payable to the Trésor Public (treasury)..

The price does not include:

– The cost of a potential counter-inspection: For a double room: €40 (€50 for a family room). Followed by €8 per additional double room (€10 inc. tax per extra family room), up to a maximum of 5 rooms for a maximum capacity of 15 people.

– Travel expenses for qualification inspections outside the Grimaud municipality cost €0.70 inc. tax / km, taking Via Michelin as base..