It springs from a long and ancient tradition: the know-how of our artisans of art brings to the taste of the day the inspiration of Provence.

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Wine cellars and vineyards

Rosé was born here in Provence!

You’ve almost certainly heard this said by a local chap from Provence. (Imagine him with the local accent, pronouncing “vé!” at the end of his sentence just to give you a feel of the atmosphere).

Vine growing dates back many a century and this land of Provence is one of the most famous wine regions in France and across the world… thanks to rosé from Provence.


A land of authenticity where the vines of this exquisite landscape play an important role.

With rosé, red and white, the wine growers of the Grimaud region nurture the vines throughout the year to obtain the best possible grapes. Their aim is to ensure you appreciate their wine (in moderation).

Visit the wine estates and winegrowers’ cooperative of Grimaud, where wine enthusiasts and experts always find what they’re looking for.

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Home produce made from quality ingredients… Doesn’t the thought just make your mouth water?

The smell of fresh bread, delicious cream-filled cakes, seasonal vegetables… All those smells, colours and flavours dished up by Grimaud’s food artisans.

Time for a bite! But first, find out all the different products our food artisans invite you to try.

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