The fountain on Place Neuve symbolises the waters of Grimaud.

A story of water

Situated high on the hill, Grimaud often lacked water.

The village’s two wells and the several springs in the surroundings were not enough for the village’s 900 inhabitants and livestock.

In the 16th century, water from an abundant spring a few kilometres from the village was piped to the village’s fountain, situated near the church. Unfortunately, this system only lasted a century.

© Cyril Carpentier


Only a few traces remain, including the Pont des Fées (Fairies Bridge). As a result the town lacked water again until 1884, when thanks to a steam machine, the groundwater on the plain was pumped to the village to supply the houses.

This fountain was built in 1886 on a new square to commemorate the end of the work and the arrival of water in the village. A dedication on the back of the edifice expresses the village’s gratitude to the town which made the construction possible. It was actually renovated in 2018.

The Rue des Hoirs which leads to Place Neuve was named Rue des Orts in bygone days (from the Provençal word “ort” which means garden). You can still see pretty gardens on either side of the street.

Provencales traditions provençales in front of the fountain © Cyril Carpentier