This is one of the village’s more unusual streets, which used to be called Rue des Commerces Grimaudois.

A street of trade

In bygone days, called Grand-Rue, Rue Droite, Rue des Juifs, it was the main street in the village. Rich and important families of the capital of Freinet – the former name of the area – had their homes on this street. The buildings with arcades (15th – 16th century) are home to shops and businesses.

On the corner of the Rue du Portalet (small gateway in Provençal dialect) is the old town hall. 1555, the date of the neighbourhood’s construction, is on the keystone. The building opposite was home to the powerful seigneurial family, De Castelane.

On the corner of Rue du Four – where there was a baker’s oven – the Christ’s monogram is engraved: IHS, followed by MA (Virgin Mary) and the supposed date of the build – ing’s construction, 12th December 1566.

The Templars

In the middle of the 20th century, we imagined that Templar knights had stayed in one of the buildings in the street. Despite the fact that we now know this is not true, the street still bears their name.

Arcades’ House

Behind the arcades… a house! Find out about its history here.