This chapel has survived for centuries in its park of ancient oak trees.

Since the Middle Ages

Like other edifices in the region, this chapel was built at the end of the 11th century. During the Middle Ages an important agricultural show developed, as well worship of Marian. In the 16th century it became necessary to expand the church

Finally the expansion was too ambitious, and only the big nave was built in the middle of the 17th century.

During the French Revolution the chapel was seized then bought by the Grimaudois who returned it to the town.

© Cyril Carpentier

A magnificent altarpiece

In the chapel there is an interesting collection, including a magnificent 17th century altarpiece, and a painting of the Rosary Donation. Saint Lambert is represented in a reliquary bust and a painting..

The nearby spring named after him is said to have miraculous properties. The watering place on the road is a sign of the importance of the agricultural show. When the chapel was restored in 2002, Coline Fabre created particularly contemporary stained glass windows.

Les Soirées Musicales de Grimaud

What better venue than the gardens of the Chapel of Notre Dame de la Queste to enjoy live performances during the Soirées Musicales de Grimaud between June and September. An exceptional site on summer evenings.

© Nico Gomez

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