Plunge into an ancient world! The heritage museum reveals Grimaud as it was in ancient times.

The museum is currently closed.

A building steeped in history

Discover the museum housed in magnificent buildings: a village house, an old forge, and the former oil mill which date back to the 16th century.

The Heritage Museum of Grimaud highlights the arts and popular traditions of ancient Provence. A way of discovering the old way of life of the population of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

© Nico Gomez

A rich collection

The collection has been assembled over 30 years, and retraces the bygones days of this part of the Massif des Maures.

Different activities like the cork and timber industries, olive oil and wine production are represented in the museum galleries.

© Nico Gomez

Past life

On the upper floors you will discover costumes and scenes from past daily life, with the reconstitution of a living room, bedroom, and barn – the typical layout of a home in villages like Grimaud.

Free admission.

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