Grimaud, Land of Provence, rich in ancient and modern heritage, is conducive to discovery From the medieval village perched on its promontory, to the lake city of Port Grimaud, historical monuments in heritage of the 20th century, let you tell Grimaud .

Historical center of Grimaud

Perched on its headland, the old village of Grimaud, a listed Historical Monument, dominates the Gulf of Saint Tropez and the surrounding area which it guards with its medieval castle. It’s worth making the climb, in order to...

Lacustrian city of Port Grimaud

The coast has always been visited, especially around St Pons les Mûres' Hamlet, crossroads of important tracks and landing stage for the village of Grimaud.

The Castle

The Château, a symbol of Grimaud.

The Fairies Bridge

The return of spring is such a pleasant time to go on a nature walk... and to visit the Pont des Fées (Fairies' Bridge), just a stone’s throw from the village of Grimaud.

St Michael Church

Saint Michel Church is the oldest church on the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Arcades House

The Maison des Arcades has been open to the public since 2018, thanks to the exhibitions organised by the Culture & Heritage Department.

St Roch Windmill

The windmill stands on a windswept spot and is part of the history of Grimaud.

Templar Street

This is one of the village’s more unusual streets, which used to be called Rue des Commerces Grimaudois.

St Francis of Assisi's Church

Port-Grimaud Church, designed by François Spoerry.

Penitents Chapel

The Penitents Chapel, a monument to visit in Grimaud.

Heritage Museum

Plunge into an ancient world! The heritage museum reveals Grimaud as it was in ancient times.

Notre Dame de la Queste Chapel

This chapel has survived for centuries in its park of ancient oak trees.

The Place Neuve

The fountain on Place Neuve symbolises the waters of Grimaud.

St Roch Chapel

Discover Grimaud’s smallest chapel.

Beauvallon District

Beauvallon is a district of Grimaud that’s close to the beach.