A unique festival like you’ll find nowhere else in the Gulf of Saint Tropez or beyond.

For more than 15 years, the people of Grimaud have made their merry way along an atypical path among the festivals of Var. In the old village of Grimaud, the mysterious alleys which lead to the majestic château in its lush green surroundings – with breathtaking views of the legendary Gulf of Saint Tropez – offer the perfect stage to performers you’d expect to be accustomed to such amazing venues…

From mixed rhythms to hot melodies, from choreographic frenzy to established hits, they come from every corner of the globe to get the public dancing, dreaming and smiling on their journey from the coasts of Africa to the centre of Manhattan, from the heavenly landscapes of South Africa to the passionate districts of Havana or Buenos Aires.

Already 17 years old …

The Festival

To truly capture the spirit of the Grimaldines festival, take a walk through the streets of Grimaud to the foot of the ancient château and cast your eye over the big blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea. A place to escape, where the sky blends into the sea.

Un festival dans les rues médiévales de Grimaud

A magical place for a unique festival…

The people of Grimaud have opted for a festival with a difference, multiplying the programmes and placing the spotlight on journeys around the world. Melodic journeys, cultural journeys, exotic choreographies and many more wonderful surprises.

arts de la rue et musique du monde à Grimaud

A festival of colour, light and music…

Every Tuesday brings free shows and concerts, non-stop into the night. In the little village streets, passionate artists mingle with curious spectators while young hearts aged 7 to 77 exchange looks, laughter and celebration in the rhythmic warmth of the Grimaud night.

Un festival dans les rues médiévales de Grimaud

The entire village joins in with this evening of festivities…

Borders and blinkers disappear when Grimaud opens its doors to the world to welcome every single rhythm, style and accent.


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Informationen und Kontakt

The Festival des Grimaldines is organised by Grimaud Tourist Office in association with the municipality of Grimaud.

A festival on the medieval streets of Grimaud.

Visit our website for further details about the festival of international music and street art, Les Grimaldines : www.les-grimaldines.com

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