Help us light up the village of Grimaud during the Fête de la Lumière (festival of light), a unique moment to kick-off the build-up to Christmas in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

An evening of light

Every year, to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights, a significant crowd gathers at Grimaud’s Place Vieille to collect paper lanterns, made and distributed by volunteers of the Association des Feux de la St Jean, and take part in the traditional paper lantern parade.

Fête de la Lumière

Paper lantern parade © Grimaud Tourisme

After watching the wonderful spectacle of all these illuminations, families are invited to enjoy hot chocolate, mulled wine and grilled chestnuts. A great moment of joy and togetherness that paves the way for the Christmas celebrations in this typical village of Provence.

La Fête de la Lumière

La Fête de la Lumière, a wonder… © Cyril Carpentier

The village of Grimaud then sparkles like the Star of Bethlehem as the hearts of both young and old are filled with Christmas warmth…

La Chapelle des Pénitents

Penitents Chapel © Grimaud Tourisme

Info & contact

The Association des Feux de la Saint Jean organises the Fête de la Lumière in association with Grimaud Animations.

Evening program :

From 6pm at Place Vieille :
– distribution of paper lanterns
– paper lantern parade s
– fire show)
– a moment to share hot chocolate, roast chestnuts, etc.

Further details:
Tourist Office : + 33 (0)4 94 54 43 83

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