Bring your buttonhole cockade and experience the French Revolution! Celebrate with the traditional 14th July ball.

14th July - Bastille Day

14th July in France

14th July is an important date in French history. Known as Bastille Day, this national holiday commemorates the fall of the Bastille on 14th July 1789.

In France, this day marked the end of the absolute monarchy and paved for the way for the First Republic to emerge.

Since then, 14th July has been a day of celebration in every town and village of France. With entertainment, public dances and fireworks… the entire country joins in with the celebrations.

Saynètes du 14 juillet

© Cyril Carpentier

Here in Grimaud, we mark the occasion with a special evening event. All over the village, we stage scenes of life as it was in Grimaud during the Revolution.

The sketches are performed in French, but that needn’t hinder your enjoyment of this very special atmosphere, so come and celebrate with us this important moment in our history! And you can dance the night away at the ball.


From 6 pm in Grimaud, renamed Athenople for the occasion, you can wander through the streets and discover the life of characters from another era, that of the Revolution.

You’ll see theatrical sketches, written ‘Pagnol-style’, recounting various events that actually happened in Grimaud during that period.

Indeed, the CRET theatre troupe will enact 4 sketches at 4 different places, non-stop until 8 pm, to allow enough time for the public to walk around the village and watch all four performances.

Saynètes du 14 juillet

What’s the abbot up to…? © Cyril Carpentier

At 8 pm, the troupe leads you to the château where, from the terraces of the outdoor theatre, you’ll watch the final scene that shows how the inhabitants’ daily lives were disrupted by these historic events.

théâtre au Château de Grimaud

At the Château outdoor theatre © Cyril Carpentier

At 8.45 pm, muskets signal the crowd to gather behind the musicians who lead the way on a ‘revolutionary’ tour through the little streets to Place Neuve, where a ‘retro-aperitif’ will be served to the sound of songs of old, offering a gentle transition from 1789 to the present day.

The evening ends at 10 pm when the acoustic ball opens at Place Neuve to the contemporary sound of Belle Epoque. Food and drink will be available until 1 am.

Saynètes du 14 juillet

Celebrate 14th July © Cyril Carpentier

This wonderful ‘all-in-one’ event offers free parking and entertainment and great vibes all round, without the traffic jams. So come along, the more the merrier! We promise you an enjoyable, hassle-free evening!

Info & contact

This 14 July celebration is organised by Grimaud town council’s Culture & Heritage department, in association with the CRET and Grimaud Animations.

2019 evening program (subject to change):
6pm to 9 pm: Street theatre with Grimaud’s C.R.E.T Troupe

5 different venues:
– Saint Michel Church
– Rue des Templiers
– Rue de la Pompe
– Penitents Chapel
– Grimaud’s Castle

9.15 pm: Drinks stand & Barbecue with Grimaud Animations – Place Neuve

10 pm: Traditional public ball with the band, La Belle Epoque

If you want to come in period costume, don’t hesitate!

Further details:
Tourist Office : + 33 (0)4 94 54 43 83
Culture & Heritage Service: + 33 (0)4 94 55 57 34 ou+ 33 (0)6 63 05 48 74

Affiche de la fête du 14 juillet

Grimaud celebrates the French Revolution 2017

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