The countryside around Grimaud merges gently into the sea, extending from the Massif des Maures down to the Mediterranean coast. Its location, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, will certain gives fans of the Med reason to smile.

A firm favourite
A morning swim opposite Saint Tropez

An absolute must
Explore the canals of Port Grimaud on
board an electric boat or water taxi.

A real bonus 
Off-season windsurfing at Guerrevieille beach

The coast

Explore the coastline on foot, along the Sentier du littoral, or cycle path. There is drama and spectacle wherever you look! One hundred year old houses and hotels line the road, evidence of the history of tourism in the region. Saint-Tropez, on the opposite side of the gulf, changes colour depending on the season and the day. In the distance, the Château stands guard, like a sentinel, keeping watch over its surroundings. And once you reach the lagoon city of Port Grimaud, the landscape changes once again, combining seascapes and modern design.

Take it easy on our beaches © Guillaume Voiturier

The coastal trail, an escape route towards the sea

A seaside walk in Grimaud will lead you along the coastal path between Sainte-Maxime and Port-Grimaud. It used to be known as the Custom Officers’ Path, since originally, customs officers would wander along these paths, monitoring the coastline. Today this path is being fully restored by the commune, providing access to well-hidden bathing spots, unique views and superb houses and hotels.

Freshen up at the Cicada Beach. © Guillaume Voiturier

The beaches

Let’s linger here a while … A number of beaches and coves are dotted along the coast between Port Grimaud and Pointe Alègre. There are no fewer than 8 beaches, all very accessible, with parking facilities, facing the celebrated village of Saint-Tropez! Remote coves and long stretches of fine golden sand are waiting to be explored.

Our beaches

Ready for sunbathing ? © Guillaume Voiturier

Water sports

The sea offers visitors many other delights…Fun, water-based activities, a chance to explore the delightful canals of the lagoon city or diving in the Mediterranean where you can explore the ocean floor with all its surprises.

Nautical activities

Let’s go to the sea ! © Guillaume Voiturier

High Seas

It’s important to remember that Grimaud Port is one of the Côte d’Azur’s largest marinas. Sailors and recreational boaters, proud boat owners and visitors to our shores, all gather here every summer to share their passion for sailing. The area is full of magical sites that are an absolute must for visitors. A succession of isolated coves and other mythical places extend along the coast from Grimaud to the Iles d’or, via the Gulf of Saint Tropez It’s not unusual to encounter dolphins and other cetaceans on a boat trip, off our coasts.

Boat rental

Vue aérienne des plages et du port de Grimaud dans le golfe de Saint-Tropez

Port Grimaud and its coast. © Guillaume Voiturier